Asset Management


Inaddition to formal asset valuations and appraisals, CA Global Partners offers a comprehensive list of services to companies, lenders, private equity firms and asset based lessors.  We have developed innovative techniques for the analysis and reporting of data that provide our clients with a clear and accurate assessment of their investment.

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Capital Recovery


With marketing expertise, second market knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies, a professional staff, and over 500,000 buyers in our technology buyer database, CA Global Partners (formerly Cowan Alexander) delivers more than $1 billion of purchasing power to every global WebCast auction and brings liquidity to the marketplace.

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Advisory Services


CA Global Partners actively seeks alternative methods for increasing value and creating greater return for our clients.  We have extensive experience appraising, marketing, and selling licenses, business units, and intellectual property. Our Advisory Services Group will extract returns that others may leave on the table.

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